It’s alive!!!

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I’ve been work­ing on a few things these last weeks, none of which are pay­ing me any money. It’s okay, the Diplo­Man and I have a deal: He makes the dolla-dolla-bills now, and I’ll bring home about a mil­lion $$ per year by the time he retires at the ripe young age of 50.

One of these projects I’m very excited to share with you is my per­sonal writ­ing and pho­tog­ra­phy port­fo­lio. I wanted to make sure to get it done before I moved to Africa, and though every sin­gle piece of writ­ing hasn’t been uploaded, it’s com­pleted in terms of lay­out and con­tent. Over the next month I’ll make sure all my photo and pub­lished pieces are up-to-date. In the mean­time, it’s live today, so check it out!!


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