One month and some

It’s been one month and two days since I left China, and already it feels like a lifetime ago. I’ve been having a grand ole time back in the states, as probably apparent from my lack of posts. So far I’ve been hanging out in Lake Tahoe, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Bozeman (Montana), Yellowstone, Chicago, Brooklyn, NYC, Damariscotta (Maine), and Lake George (NY). Busy indeed. Every day that’s gone by, I kept telling myself, “I’ve gotta blog today”, and “I’ve gotta post these pics online” but those things, for some reason, just didn’t happen. In fact, I actually forgot how nice this blog looked and how hard I worked on it, until I checked it out again today. I hope I haven’t lost all you faithful readers!!

Anyway I’m back now, starting with this short, unusually photo-free post. With our move to DC coming at the end of this month, and finally being able to settle down into a routine, I hope to bring you more consistent posting and catch some of you up with what I’ve seen and done over the summer- one of the best summer vacations I’ve taken.

But before then, I’d like to share with you some news. It’s something that I’ve been holding back, for lots of reasons, but mainly because I don’t like splattering my business all over the internet in real-time (rather, I like to do it with a bit of lag time).

The DiploMan and I got married!!

We did it because we were bound to do it eventually, and because of all the benefits we’d receive through this transitional period (China-DC-Dar), and oh yeah, we totally love each other too.

We love being married. Really, it’s fun. Those of you who says that getting married doesn’t change anything- that’s a lie. Getting married makes you feel different, in a way that for now I can’t explain. It’s like it gives you super couple powers.  The DiploMan and I did the official thing in China, on June 18 (funny pictures of our city hall marriage to come). So far, two months in, it’s been nothing but joy. We are thankful for the support from our families, which has been full of nothing but overwhelming love and generosity. We are thankful for the hugs and cheers from all the friends that we’ve told so far, and glad no one has been offended by the surprise. We’re thankful for this summer mini-moon, and thankful that we have each other through this crazy lifestyle!!

I guess I’m a DiploMrs now!