Kind of New-ish News

Hey guys! I know I’m not supposed to cross-pollinate as much as I do, but whatever, I can do it since it’s my blog. I just updated my freelance website with a bunch of recent work and client testimonials (because now, I actually have clients) so click on over if you want to see and read about some stuff other than markets and random musings about the heat.

website update Dec 2013

I’ve also got some new ideas I’m hoping to actualize in the New Year, so either add me to via rss (or via something like Feedly) or keep checking in…even though you’re all on holiday!!

On that note, the Queen’s English has been infiltrating my speech lately. I now go for sundowners with friends, who are yes, all on holiday


Merry Christmas!!


The DiploMan and I are spending our first Christmas together as a (small, albeit big with love awwww) family…and we’ve decided to go on a short 3-day juice cleanse. Crazy, yes. But much needed after this season of holiday dinner parties and cocktails. Plus we are absolutely OBSESSED with our new BlendTec blender we received as our early xmas present!!

BlendTec Blender

Wishing you and your family a very very Merry, Healthy, and Cleansing Christmas from DC!!


Channeling Marilyn

At the salon

Channeling my inner Troll doll/conehead, is more like it.


Well, I told you that I’d be interrupting my summer monologue in order to share with you all some current events. The title of this entry might be slightly ridiculous, but it’s all relative. No, I wasn’t really channeling Marilyn, because I’m like, the completely opposite of that personality. I was just in the mood for something different.

If you’re following me on instagram, you may have seen that photo, above, yesterday. Yes, that’s me getting double-processed and going blonde. Blonde! A very itchy and scalp-tingly hour later, here I am. See that bump on my forehead? That was due to a vicious mosquito who attacked the DiploMan and me in our sleep the night before.

Going Blonde

This whole ordeal started a couple weekends ago, when the DiploMan and I were at a bar having a drink, and somehow we got into the idea that I would cut my hair short(er) and dye it blonde. Though it’s not always best to take ideas that you come up with while drinking at a bar and make them materialize, this one really stuck.

I’m fairly liberal with getting haircuts. My theory is: If it doesn’t look good, it’ll grow back into something that looks fine. I’ll let just about anyone cut my hair- I mean, the DiploMan did it for about a year, for goodness sake. But strangely, I am very picky about the salon and the stylists I choose to visit. This time was no exception- I spent about three hours on Yelp looking through salons in the area, making sure to check each review and the photos and their websites. Before I settled on the one salon I chose, I had the browser window open to their homepage for about a week.

I attribute this mostly to my chronic inabilities to make decisions, but also because allowing someone to cut your hair can be a pretty darn personal experience, I think. Though I tackle this experience like I do with many other interpersonal relationships: I’m very hesitant and withdrawn and Google-crazy at first, but then I fall in with open arms and an open heart.

In the end, it was great, it wasn’t a big deal like I thought it would be (it never is), and I would very much recommend the salon (all info, below). The stylist was good, she listened to what I wanted but also went with her own instincts. I mean, I’ve had a huge lesbian with nose rings and a zillion tattoos who didn’t let me tell her what to do cut my hair. This stylist was a petite chambray-shirt wearing brown haired elvish cutesy chick, and she spent 15 minutes talking to me about what I was looking to do. I was just fine.

bed head

After waking up this morning

Girls, go out and chop off your hair, NOW. It’s the most liberating and enlivening experience ever. Guys, don’t give your girls grief for not having long, flowing, Beyonce hair. If you can’t have a smooth hairless chest, we shouldn’t have to have bouncy blown-out hair all the time.

Where I changed my look:

Parlour Salon
1522 U Street NW
Washington, DC 20010
(202) 986-0080
Closed Sunday and Monday

One month and some

It’s been one month and two days since I left China, and already it feels like a lifetime ago. I’ve been having a grand ole time back in the states, as probably apparent from my lack of posts. So far I’ve been hanging out in Lake Tahoe, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Bozeman (Montana), Yellowstone, Chicago, Brooklyn, NYC, Damariscotta (Maine), and Lake George (NY). Busy indeed. Every day that’s gone by, I kept telling myself, “I’ve gotta blog today”, and “I’ve gotta post these pics online” but those things, for some reason, just didn’t happen. In fact, I actually forgot how nice this blog looked and how hard I worked on it, until I checked it out again today. I hope I haven’t lost all you faithful readers!!

Anyway I’m back now, starting with this short, unusually photo-free post. With our move to DC coming at the end of this month, and finally being able to settle down into a routine, I hope to bring you more consistent posting and catch some of you up with what I’ve seen and done over the summer- one of the best summer vacations I’ve taken.

But before then, I’d like to share with you some news. It’s something that I’ve been holding back, for lots of reasons, but mainly because I don’t like splattering my business all over the internet in real-time (rather, I like to do it with a bit of lag time).

The DiploMan and I got married!!

We did it because we were bound to do it eventually, and because of all the benefits we’d receive through this transitional period (China-DC-Dar), and oh yeah, we totally love each other too.

We love being married. Really, it’s fun. Those of you who says that getting married doesn’t change anything- that’s a lie. Getting married makes you feel different, in a way that for now I can’t explain. It’s like it gives you super couple powers.  The DiploMan and I did the official thing in China, on June 18 (funny pictures of our city hall marriage to come). So far, two months in, it’s been nothing but joy. We are thankful for the support from our families, which has been full of nothing but overwhelming love and generosity. We are thankful for the hugs and cheers from all the friends that we’ve told so far, and glad no one has been offended by the surprise. We’re thankful for this summer mini-moon, and thankful that we have each other through this crazy lifestyle!!

I guess I’m a DiploMrs now!

Waste not

It’s between lunch and dinner, so I’m going to step away from food- just for a sec. So, let’s focus on the other end of food production: that being waste.

One of the few books I’m in the middle of reading right now is Anna Moore Lappe’s Diet for a Hot Planet, which sites source after source of how the global food system is even ahead of fossil fuels as a contributor to global warming, particularly with East Asia becoming more and more Westernized in their living and eating habits.

It’s not just about trying to eat locally, either, though that’s a big part of it. It’s the other end of your meals that you don’t think of- literally, the other end: Waste. The disposal, treatment, and reusage (or, lack of reusage?) is detrimental to the planet not only due to improper storage and space needed for waste processing, but also for the tons of gases that waste products are emitted into the air each year.

Garbage collection is a topic that is much larger than I’d like to tackle in this one post. Recycling is another, and composting food waste, well that’s a few more posts, too.

So how do I come to think of an issue like this when I’m visiting another city? Well, walking back from dinner the other night, there was a cluster of of people standing on the street corner, all staring in one direction. Naturally, I thought they were waiting for a bus. But my Uncle, who pointed them out to me in the first place, asked me to take notice of the bags in each person’s hand- and revealed to me that they were actually waiting for the Garbage Man.

The Garbage Man comes everyday of the week (save Wednesdays) at a scheduled time, which will depend on what street corner is closest to your home. On our corner, we hear the prompt 8:40pm whistle that sounds more like a cell phone alert (really, this truck plays für elise) than any garbage truck I’m familiar with. Residents of Taiwan come out  of their tiny apartment buildings like a scatter of cockroaches- all heading towards the rear of the truck with their sorted garbage- plastics, paper, garbage, and most exciting of all- food waste.

Yup, compost. The city has set up a legit compost collection service in addition to regular garbage and recyclables. Where the regular garbage (and recycling) are thrown into the back of trucks, the compost is emptied out into storage tubs, ones that look very similar to the plastic cylindrical garbage cans we have back at home.  What is thrown away as actual garbage- sans compostables and recyclables, is only a fraction of the waste a home produces.

I couldn’t help think back to the book that is sitting on my nightstand back home. And though I don’t know much about the disposal process other than what was seen on the street that day, I’d say it’s a pretty good step in the right direction. Now, if we could do something about all those KFC’s in Asia…