Local Excursions: Maryland Renaissance Fair


If it’s anything I got from watching the first season of 30 Rock, it’s that expression. Blurgh! I’ve been totally behind on so many things. Blurgh! I have so many things to blog about that are moving farther away into the time space continuum.  Blurgh! I just spilled tea all over my pants. It’s okay, they’re sweatpants, which blurgggh, I’m still in my pajamas.

garland at the Ren Faire

Little Lords and Ladies

But blurgh! Let me share with your some photos and my experience of the Renaissance Fair just outside of town. A few weeks ago, the DiploMan and I, along with our good friends (yet another newlywedded couple, what is in the water these days?!) drove out across the invisible DC border into Maryland for the Renaissance Fair in Crownsville, MD. One of the things I’ve loved about living in DC so far is the accessibility to get out of DC. Slightly ironic, I know. But in our short two months here, I feel like I’ve gotten to explore the “greater” dc area quite a bit. Starting with the “Ren-Fair”.

jousting arena

I’m not a too-cool-for-school type of gal, but i’ll admit: I’ve always been skeptical of Renaissance Fairs. Renaissance Fairs were big with gamers (not me), drama kids (not me), and people who enjoyed Halloween (not me). Or so I thought. After spending a day at the at the grounds in Crownsville, MD, I learned that, little did I know they are also full of food enthusiasts (me!), craft-lovers (me!), and really amazing people-watching (so me!).

plaid pleating

head wear

The Renaissance Fair was quite a spectacular production. The fair was filled with more colored fabrics I’ve seen since the DiploMan and I went to India early this year. It was filled with more colorful characters than I’ve seen in quite some time too. Though there was a good portion of the visitors dressed in normal civilian garb, I was surprised at how many people went all out with their hair, costume, and makeup. I learned lots of things, like the word “Huzzah!”, which I plan to incorporate into my daily speech, and that I had a previously unknown passion for masks, fascinators, and glass-blowing (currently seeking classes in the dc area to recreate any or all of those crafts. We’ll see how that goes…)

masks on a wall

Knight's stirrups

We threw axes at a wooden wall and shot arrows from a bow at targets just 20 yards away, both are which are much harder to do (accurately) than you think. We watched a jousting tournament, slightly disappointed at the less-than-youthful knights that graced our presence. It was followed by log throwing, which was much more intriguing than I ever thought watching someone throw logs would be.

hair braiding

We ate giant turkey legs, having NO IDEA it was a ‘thing’. I’m so glad it is. We drank some mead and some cider, and also ate, randomly, a pizza pocket. We also strolled past an elephant ride, wax-dipping lessons, hair braiders, and lots of mugs for sale. We also contemplated buying armored underwear. The boys played with wooden swords, and we girls tried on flower tiaras.

The renaissance era was a pretty darned good time, if you ask me.

wooden sword tip

axes in the wall

arrow feathers

Where I went: Maryland Renaissance Fair
Sundays and Saturdays in September and October.
Driving address: 1821 Crownsville Road, Annapolis, MD 21401