Trailing Spouse: the Pride and Joy of this lifestyle.

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Earlier this month I had an article published in the American Foreign Service Journal. It’s on a topic I sometimes address here, increasingly more now that my life is fully inundated into the Foreign Service lifestyle. I wrote about being a trailing spouse. It’s hard.

Check out the article, here.

I’ve been so happy that friends and strangers alike have reached out to me in response. It reminds me that I’m definitely not alone. I knew I wasn’t the only one in this situation, and that the women and men before me had it hard, too. But I’ve been reminded.

One email I received this weekend was from an ex-foreign service spouse, who told me about her own experiences, her own fond memories, and left me with a few bit of sage advice:

I just wanted to tell you that you will no doubt look back on these years with pride and a special joy in having lived an exceptional life, rich in experiences the average person can never attain.  Be well, be safe.  Be happy.

This note really hit me. Be happy! It’s a simple reminder to remember– even when I can’t find a job, even when I am going through pack out yet again, even when I am stressing about quality of medical care in third-world hospitals. And especially, when I complain about the quality of things like haircuts/manicures/internet speed.

Because I’m sure I’ll look back on these years with much pride, and great joy.

Big News

Hi everyone, I’m so so so excited this morning to share with you a bit of news that’s been in the works for awhile (no, I’m not pregnant, mom).

It’s the Honest Cooking tablet magazine!!

honest cooking cover

A little more than a year ago I started contributing to the Honest Cooking website, a forum for food writers and bloggers from around the world to share fun recipes and interesting food stories. Last summer, it was announced that Honest Cooking would be releasing a food magazine – and all contributing writers were welcome to submit. Up until that point, I had been working on writing pieces for relatively unknown expat magazines and tiny blogs. Somehow I had to get serious about turning writing into a career, and here was the perfect opportunity.

I pitched two pieces, one of which got picked up. Truth be told, I think I was on the B-team, as the email received told me that someone else had backed out and I was chosen to fill in last minute. The email asked if I could do it.

cosentino article feature

Umm, let’s see. Fly back to California last minute for four days, spending half of what I would make for the article, to make a deadline that was due within a week? YES, PLEASE!

Half a year later, I’m so excited to report that my work is in print – er, on the screen. The tablet magazine was released today, and it’s 100 pages of glorious food stories – about rogue artisans, local craftsmen, international cuisines, and nitty gritty profiles, all testaments to why food and dining rock.

Download the tablet magazine, FOR FREE, in the Apple iTunes store today!

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