It’s happening, again


The hoarding has begun. In anticipation for our move at the end of next month, meaning a pack-out in about a month, I’ve started to make lists of all the things I can’t possibly live without in Africa. And consequently, collecting said items. Most are of the wet-goods variety, since these days, thanks to the wonders of the internet, we can purchase almost any dry good we need. These days, moving from post to post, I ask myself, “what did people do before the days of!”

Items on said list include, but are not limited to:

  • Wine
  • Green Hat Gin
  • honey
  • San Marzano tomatoes
  • green goddess salad dressing
  • Whole Foods products (dried beans and grains)
  • Trader Joe’s products (snacks and goodies)
  • all-natural cleaning supplies
  • anchovies
  • Reynold’s Wrap foil (seriously, there is no substitute)
  • 1.75L bottles of Bulleit Bourbon
  • a specific brand of candles from our neighborhood CVS (delicious smelling and long lasting!)
  • …and Cholula hot sauce.

Also on the list is a small collection of newlywed gifts we’ve recently received. More like, newly-ish-wed gifts, I suppose. Hence the pasta press, Le Creuset stockpot, and ice bucket you see in the photo.

But you know what, in the end, the stuff you think you can’t live without, you actually can.

Pen Pals

There’s something I just signed myself up for…

letters from China

I know that rarely is there something good to end this sentence. Maybe you’re a scientologist because once upon a time, you signed up for free pencils on campus as an undergrad. Or maybe, you’re on a lifelong mailing list for shake weight promotions because you signed up for a gym membership. Or maybe you’ve accidentally endorsed North Korea because you thought you signed up for the mailing list for a hot new restaurant in Amsterdam. But I swear, this time I really think I’ve stumbled across something fun.

Because, what’s more fun than giving, and better yet – receiving!?

I’ve had a few pen pals in my lifetime. Correspondance was so sweet but every so fleeting, arranged only by the teachers I had in my elementary school. Frankly, looking back, I wasn’t a great pen pal…all I talked about were my cats and playing soccer. Way to reel in your audience, Jessie. Sheesh.

China mall

remembering back to a time when going to a mall meant facing behemoths such as this.


So this time, I’m looking forward to making a new, real connection with someone. And receiving a little international present in the mail.  Now off to brainstorm what I’ll be sending off from the states. I do know that Trader Joe’s chocolate chips are worth their weight in gold overseas…

If you or your spouse is in the FS, you should definitely click on over and add yourself to the roster!