On the Other Side…

Look what the cat didn’t drag in!

Our windows are pretty heavily tinted from the outside during the day, so I don’t think this bird had any clue about its predator who was looming on the other side of the glass. These beautiful birds- bright orange beaks, white chests, long black and white tails- have been flying all around our apartment tower for a couple months now. Sometimes they perch just outside our windows for a break, fluttering their feathers and chirping loudly- prompting Ruin to sprint over to whatever window sits a bird.

Update: We’ve found a home for Ruin! Another consulate family is going to adopt him. One year after we found him, he’s found a ‘permanent’ home. Even though he’s been equal parts devil cat and piranha fish, he also has a tender loving kitten side that I will miss so so so much.