Mango Fever

Mangoes are SO GOOD right now. Seriously, of all things that we’re able to get and do and genetically modify in Northern America, why hasn’t anyone tried to tackle the perfectly ripe, perfectly sweet, perfectly juicy Tanzanian mango?!

IMG_0602 It’s been mango season since December, and they’re (thankfully) still going strong. Though, I heard March is the start of peach season in Dar, something that I’m very curious about, given the fact that I haven’t seen any peaches since I’ve been in town.


  • Erica @ To the Sea

    I’m missing those mangoes! But peach season? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a peach in TZ!

    • Jessie

      ERICA! How’s America? you guys look great!!

      Peaches, I know, I’m skeptical too. I overheard a couple of local friends talking about this, which made me wonder if they confused peaches with some other fruit? I’ll report back :)

  • Claire

    That photo is mouthwatering! It feels wrong to eat a mango when it’s snowing outside, somehow, so I have a few months before I can really enjoy one again (and it won’t be a perfect Tanzanian one!)… until then I have this photo!

    • / Jessie

      Well, call me crazy, but I would trade a mango for a day of snow! I guess the grass is always greener (snow always whiter? Mango always sweeter?) on the other side!