One photo, please

hampi boy

I was in Hampi, India, a landmark ancient civilization now noted for its perfectly decrepit ruins, just outside Hyderabad. I had been snapping shots of the grotesque ruins, but by the end of the day most of my documented work focused on my group of five friends I was traveling with. You can only take so many pictures of old stone things, after all.

But suddenly, out of nowhere, belonging to no one, a group of Indian children stood in front of me. I charged forward, camera on hip, finger already on the shutter release, poised for action. The kids came clamoring towards us like zombies. But before I could reach the piece of equipment to my eye, I had dozens of little hands already pointing for the lens. Zombie trajectory diverted. “Photo, photo, photo!” “Ma’am, one photo please!” I clicked away.

I can still smell the dusty Indian air and see the flashes of colors worn around the shoulders and hips of Indian women, I can hear the children clamoring towards me, asking in their tinny voices to take a photo of them. India was one of the most dynamic and vibrant locations I’ve had the pleasure of visiting, and photographing.

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