Garden Power!

From this….


To this….


in just three short months!

And now, so many weeks worth of this….


To illustrate how excited this makes me (and, because I’ve finally decided there aren’t enough pictures of ME on here)…


Will be posting a simple, delicious recipe for coconut-stewed greens later this week. Chock full of healthy fats (from the coconut) and tons of nutrients (from the greens). And also, instructions on how to open a coconut- because despite the fact that you think you can machete-chop a coconut open with a regular kitchen knife…well, you can’t.

update: A post on how to open a coconut, how to make coconut milk, and a recipe for coconut braised greens.

3 thoughts on “Garden Power!

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  2. I am very impressed with your garden… I love your last photo, too. How fun! We lived in Senegal for 2 years from ’03 to ’05. Your posts made me feel nostalgic!

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