Privacy. We have very little of it these days.

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I’m curious to hear what your thoughts are on internet privacy. I’m not one to be particularly shy about sharing my life online, and in fact, I sort of love it. Have you noticed? I’m all for the ability to document my daily fortunes and misgivings as I navigate through my ever-unstable life. I’m totally into perusing my reader and catching up on all the bloggers that I’ve come to know as if we were friends. Most of them don’t know I follow them as closely as I do…is that creepy?

But some people, like my significant other, aren’t big fans of the whole sharing-your-life-online thing. Which, particularly given the nature of his work, I sort of understand.

Notwithstanding reasons to do with his job, he’s taught me that not everyone likes being as publicly accessible as I do. Which is difficult, when all I want to do is blog about what we do every day.

Now, security is a different matter. I’m all for being as secure as possible. Living in China, where supposedly all computers return home bugged and corrupted, and every ounce of our lives were under the watchful eye of Big Brother, I was fairly cognizant of secure portals. But privacy? I’m sure some poor Chinese soul is out there who knows every bit of minutia of my boring and food-obsessed life.

So that’s why, in the vein of other bloggers out there who have significant others who also don’t want to be in the direct spotlight, I’m giving my man an alias. I’ve also gone back and painstakingly combed through two years of blogging, and hopefully did not miss any mentions. There might be one or two pictures left as evidence. Because although I like to share everything, not everyone does. So in case you’re wondering who DiploMan is from now on, it’s him.


Get it? Because he’s a Diplomat, and he’s my Man. (And he takes pictures too!)

Okay, fine, it’s the only clever moniker I can think of right now. Go ahead, groan. I know it’s cheesy. But it’s better than…

Oh wait, I almost just said his name.

This privacy thing is tough.

2 thoughts on “Privacy

  1. At first I was wary of revealing my name or my husband’s name and certain details about our lives, but I’m like you: I like sharing! Too much, maybe. I avoid posting things about our future plans and specific whereabouts for security reasons, and I don’t post about anything work-related (my own work, when I was working, and my husband’s work, period).

    I try to filter what I write so that I’m not saying anything that would give someone a negative impression of me if we ever met in person — in fact, I try to write so that people think I’m someone they’d want to meet in person!
    Natasha recently posted..MARTE (Museo de Arte de El Salvador)

    • It’s hard when your blog is centered around nothing but your daily life, NOT to share too much. Filtering is good!! I wanted to meet you in person just from your blog, so I think you’re doing okay 😉

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