A not-so-super market

This is my local market. Not the big one that has a lot of really nice candies and fresh packaged eggs and a pretty decent Western section, but the one that’s next to the wet market I like to go to and kind of smells like old cardboard.

Does it scare you? It kind of scares me, too. The aisles are super narrow, a lot of the age of the items on the shelves are ambiguous, and I am pretty sure there is no stock house in the back so every single product is stcked high-high-high on the shelves.

But you know what, I don’t mind it. Not only for the fact that it is closer to home and twice as cheap, but also because I’m now becoming fond of all things Chinese. And, seeing a photo like this makes me smile with disbelief that I actually include something like this in my weekly routine.

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