Saturday Series / No. 33 (The daladalas of dar)

mcdonalds daladala

02’22’14 >> So many ideas, so little time. #daladalasofdar

I’m starting a little Instagram pet project, called the Daladalas of Dar. I’m trying to collect snapshots of these local buses that run from one neighborhood to another, big angry barreling containers on wheels, each with so much character (outside AND in). Though they’re everywhere, photos are slightly hard to come by as per the general no-photo scowls I receive in public, so it’s a project that will take some time.

I’ll write more about the daladalas in another post, but search for #daladalasofdar over on Instagram. There are a few posted!

Bear with me if things are a little wonky around here; as usual I’m trying out my amateur web design skills to give this ol’ blog a bit of a much needed clean-up and facelift.

Saturday Series / No. 32

02’15’14 >> Desert. For Days.

In the desert this weekend. Above is a iPhone snap of the desert just outside of Abu Dhabi, where the Diploman and I spent the weekend with seven of our friends. We came from Dar and Islamabad and Belgrade and DC and Guangzhou, all to convene at a friends’ place the UAE. There’s one thing about this Foreign Service lifestyle that I wouldn’t trade for the world; and that’s the cross-continental friendships that are formed over the years.

Saturday Series / No. 29


01’25’14 >> Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, Robben Island, and Cape Town city, all in one view.

I owe emails and photo updates and chat sessions and blog entries to every which way I turn. The best I can do for now is to say, sorry, and I hope you’ll still check back periodically. I know I always say I have great things planned, but I swear I do!

For today, since the least I can do (which now, is quite literal of a phrase) is update with one photo a week on this blog, here’s a picture from Cape Town one week ago from today. I’m back in Dar now, but still reminiscing about an action-packed trip to South Africa. The 2.5 hour climb up Table Mountain from it’s backside was a highlight of our trip, though I wouldn’t have confessed this about an hour into the hike. But I mean, that view can wipe a lot away.

Saturday Series / No. 28

Cape of Good Hope

 01’18’14 >> Cape of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa

A lack of internet connection and busy tourist schedule has kept me from updating this week. I’ve been in Cape Town for five days now, and it’s been the most amazing time, coming at a time when I really needed to step away from Dar for a breath of fresh air. It was so difficult to pick just one photo from this week, but here it is, from the Southernmost tip of Africa.

Saturday Series / No. 27


01’11’14 >> Every Day Sights

This photo was taken by my trusty iPhone, but I got my hands on a Canon point-and-shoot camera this week, a little belated Christmas present. It’s the brilliant Canon PowerShot S120, which I’m hoping will stay by my side to help capture more captivating every day images like this one.